Maria Janasiak is a German born fashion designer with a specialization in knitwear design. Through a multidisciplinary approach her artistic work embraces textile developments as well as visual art.
With her artisanal brand Majakais she explores the space between art and fashion with the goal to blur the boundaries between the two areas.

At the core of the labels character stays the combination of traditional craftsmanship and techniques with modern technology as well as the experimental approach to clothes.
She draws inspiration from her personal surroundings and her inner emotional world which results in a profound significance in her pieces. Furthermore her work is influenced by the world of nature and the art world which are set in contrast with elements of the digital realm.
Next to the creation of artistic knitwear and surrealistic prints Majakais places emphasis on sustainability within the development process and textile choices as well as using Upcycling as main technique. Her pieces also follow a conceptional approach which mirrors her love for details.
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